People Use What?! Crazy Beauty Hacks That Work!

Blonde woman on green background

We sometimes run across trendy beauty hacks that seem a little bit out of the ordinary, whether it’s washing your hair with coca-cola, or using red lipstick under your eyes to hide dark circles. Yet if you think that these hacks are strange, wait until you go through our 7 weird things people and celebrities have used for beauty treatments….


1 – Breast Milk

The benefits of breast milk are so numerous when it comes to feeding babies, but did you know that it has many more advantages?
The antibodies in breast milk heal cuts, diaper rash, and cool down burns. It has also been proven that breast milk is a great acne treatment because of the lauric acid it contains that fights face, chest, and back acne. It’s a pretty good natural resource for natural beauty.

If you think using breast milk is bizarre, wait until you read about the next one.